daily tarot card. april 8.

2 of Swords from The Guardian Tarot by Beth Seilonen.

A friend asked to draw a card for himself and inquire about his health. And again the 2 of Swords, exactly 1 week after the first day’s draw which was also 2 of Swords. What a coincidence!
But what is a coincidence? A repetition, yes, but also a pattern. The mind wants to see order where there is only chaos. A secret message from the Universe? A little sense of control over the uncontrollable..

And here we have 2 birds (the other card on April 1st was 2 feathers, what a coincidence!) – 2 phoenix’s flying high from yesterday’s fiery inferno. A sense of evolution, although it is the same card. Although nothing has changed, we’re moving.

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