daily tarot card. april 11 & 12.

Since yesterday was a break day, i am now turning two cards from the ever whimsical, but oftentimes uncanny Tarot of the White Cats from LoScarabeo.

4 of Wands and the Ace of Wands.

If there is a card to signify having fun indoors, than 4 of wands is it. We have a white cat and a black cat exchanging grapes.. Now i do not believe cats have much to do with grapes, but it did happen that i was expressly asked for and bought for the first time in i don’t remember when a bottle of Fanta Grapes.. Coincidence? I don’t think so! 🙂 Besides, I think it’s called fanta madness!

And how about that Ace, also of wands..? New work beginning? A cat scratching its claws on an old, broken trunk.. but this is hardly new, even for a cat.

Work.. we may think it’s new, but we’ve been doing it since almost forever.. There is always new work ahead. You just get up and do the work! Even if you had grapes the day before. It’s the way things are. We work so that our claws don’t grow too big.

Also, clouds on the horizon!

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