daily tarot cards. april 14, 15 & 16.

3 cards for 3 days.. again from the Mesquite tarot.

the emperor.. the 2 of swords.. and the 2 of pentacles.

it’s the 3rd time that the 2 of swords comes up (and the 2nd time for the Emperor).. in 16 days.. out of 78 cards.

The 2nd 2 of Swords came 1 week after the first and this one came exactly 1 week after the second. Coincidence? Surely!

there seems to be a change of color and a change of mood as we are moving from the 2 of swords to the 2 of pentacles.. the dark turns into light and the closed position of the one who defends himself turns into the fluidity of movement.. a movement still closed, but at least there is a line.. a possibility to create a shape.

In and Out.. sickness and health.. darkness and light.. power and helplessness.. richness and poverty.. the Covid Emperor has us all divided and split. We desperately need bridges!

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