daily tarot cards. april 17, 18 & 19.

3 cards for the last 3 days.. this time from the majors only ‘The future is unwritten’ tarot (and what a fitting name for these times)!

XIII – The Sun (XIX) – The Wheel of Fortune (X)

and the element that strikes me the most is a progression of the circle.. from the round disk of the pendulum clock, to the round face of the sun, to the round wheel that reveals that even pretty girls have a skeleton underneath their prettiness.

it goes round and round

time.. in the sun.. and then we die

this, too.. shall pass

what was shall return

like time

like the sun

like the fortunes of men.

very nice to see card 19 sitting front and center on this April 19!

also, i took this photo at 11.20 (just checked in the photo details on my tablet).. which so happens to be the hour shown on the clock in the first card!

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