the first time you look, you do not know what you are looking at.. this is living.

the second time you look, you look knowingly.. this is reflection.. this is therapy.

without drastic adjustment, this system cannot last much longer..

daily tarot cards. 9, 10, 11 & 12th.

I rarely buy tarot decks nowadays.. but this Italian, tobacco and smoking – themed deck from 1980, drawn by Osvaldo Menegazzi really caught my attention. Quitting smoking was one of the hardest things i have ever done and here i am, looking smilingly at these poster-like, miniature cards.

After Friday’s small love, Saturday was a big, Sunny (xix) day, full of warmth and not a little happiness.. Sunday was for chilling, hanging around the apartment, just like the Hanged Man (xii) is hanging from his tree or these heavy tobacco leaves are laid down in their wooden box.. Monday was a balancing act between duty and still a little indulgence, but the shadow of the next day’s departure was already visible..

So here is The world (xxi) which is also the end card of the tarot.. to remind (me) that there is a world out there, full of wonder and possibilities.. the end of the quarantine is near and also the end of this daily project.. maybe some other endings as well.. what a good card to see when worrying about endings!

Ileana Malancioiu

daily tarot cards. may 6th, 7th & 8th.

From the Margarete Petersen tarot, the Queen of Cups, The Hermit and the Page of Cups.. Big love, Solitude (or quarantine), Small love.

Love begins anew after a period of staying Inside, but can Big love suffer being left behind in favour of Small love?

daily oracle cards. april 3rd, 4th & 5th.

as i have somewhat lost the energy and interest for tarot, i am switching to an oracle deck, the dark and beautiful Oracle of Oddities by Black and the Moon (Claire Goodchild) which i have modified according to my own interpretations of the images and discarding a few cards that did not make sense to me.

and as we are all preparing to emerge victorious from our isolation, the cards look gloomy indeed.

or has it always been this way.. the tree of life rising out of insanity and dying? they are always close by, pandemic or not.

daily tarot cards. april 30, may 1st & 2nd

3 of Wands, Justice and the Page of Pentacles from the Guardian Tarot.

Again the 3 of wands shows a round thing with helixes.. just like 10 days ago, another 3 of Wands from another deck.. but this time, it is up in the air and, in its place, the character holds three candles..

Mother Justice is here on May 1st.. holding her scales like tea cups

But spring is here and with the flowers, a sense of hope and the promise that hard work today will pay tomorrow.

daily tarot card. april 29.

The Sun (XIX) from the Oreste Zevola tarot.

A new deck asks to be revisited often.. discovered and fallen in love with.. so here i am again, revisiting these oddball creatures of the night.

And what an interesting proposition.. a child’s head overlooking two adult figures.. it reminds me of a saying i heard from an old(er) psych professor.. he said mental health problems are genetic, you get them from your children. I would add that sometimes mental health solutions are too. Today’s work was certainly about that.

daily tarot card. april 28.

Today’s card from the Spiritsong Tarot.. a deck filled with animals, insects, birds and reptiles.

And it is the 9 of Wands (acorns) a card that is usually associated with heavy burdens and the strength needed to carry them.

But for me, this card is all about my old, patient and strong yellow panther that has been around me and with me during this quarantine, Sasha.