daily tarot card. april 9.

Once more from the Guardian Tarot by Beth Seilonen.

And it is The Queen of Swords.

Yes, swords again and a queen again.
A message to be understood?
An image?

An image of the angry Mother Nature, perhaps..

daily tarot card. april 8.

2 of Swords from The Guardian Tarot by Beth Seilonen.

A friend asked to draw a card for himself and inquire about his health. And again the 2 of Swords, exactly 1 week after the first day’s draw which was also 2 of Swords. What a coincidence!
But what is a coincidence? A repetition, yes, but also a pattern. The mind wants to see order where there is only chaos. A secret message from the Universe? A little sense of control over the uncontrollable..

And here we have 2 birds (the other card on April 1st was 2 feathers, what a coincidence!) – 2 phoenix’s flying high from yesterday’s fiery inferno. A sense of evolution, although it is the same card. Although nothing has changed, we’re moving.

daily tarot card. april 7.

The Hierophant (V) – again from Margarete Peterson tarot

An old gipsy woman who once read the cards for me had this advice to give: always read the card!.. meaning look at the image, rather than its supposed symbolism.

The Hierophant (also known as The High Priest or The Pope) is supoosed to be about the rules of the world, its ways of working, the hierarchy of worldly powers.. but all i see is a man of darkness standing in a burning inferno..

The world is burning hot (we knew that and we did not care), but now it is the humans who are burning with fear and fever.

Something dark and powerful has woken up and it is looking straight at us. Its power is far greater than that of Exxon Mobile

daily tarot card. april 6th.

The High Priestess (La Papeesa) from Tarocchi eVoluti, an all majors, collaborative tarot deck, with 22 Italian artists creating one card each.

“You have the key
to enter
the unfathomable
mystery of
the Self”..
reads the explanation in the little white book that accompanies the deck.

So here we are.. all of us.. turning toward the inside.. the inside of our homes, our families, our selves.. too frightened to venture outside anymore. A mystery no one asked for, because who wants to dive into the unfathomable, when we have week ends at the mall?

daily tarot card. april 5th.

3 of Cups from the Gill Tarot. More joy, more cups (after the 9 and the Queen). This time shared joy, friendship joy. Zoom joy, maybe?

daily tarot card. april 4th.

The Emperor (IV) from The Revelations Tarot by Zach Wong.

The world is at His feet. Everything trembles before His might. Out of our greed for power and dominance over planet and nature, this Emperor was born. A red emperor of destruction and death. But maybe also, redemption?

daily tarot card – april 3rd

The Knower (Queen) of Cups from the Mesquite Tarot.

The loving mother.. the infinite forgiver and healer of all wounds.. the one who hugs the Universe in an all loving embrace.. the one whom we all call in our hour of need and despair.

daily tarot card – april 2nd

9 of Cups.. from the Lida Kejmarova tarot.

the card of extasy.. of worldy pleasures.. of delight in the senses.. of wine and lust and comfort of the home.. of pleasure for one’s self.. for many of us, this carantine has proven exactly this.. an isolation into our own pleasures, sitting on a couch.. netflix and a lot of chill.. like this character, almost crushed unde the weight of his overflowing cups of joy..

but what shall follow after all this enjoyment?